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Get up to speed with Microsoft Excel, the world’s most popular spreadsheet program. Learn how to enter and organize data, perform calculations with simple functions, and format the appearance of rows, columns, cells

Create and Manage Worksheets and Workbooks

Worksheets live in workbooks in Excel and create the building blocks of documenting, analyzing, manipulating, and presenting data. This module will help you get started by creating worksheets and workbooks. You’ll also learn how to navigate your way around Excel worksheets and workbooks. We’ll take a look at formatting both worksheets and workbooks.


Create Worksheets and Workbooks Navigate in Workbooks and Worksheets Modify Worksheets Format Workbooks Customize Options and Views Configure Worksheets and Workbooks

Manage Data Cells and Ranges

Now let’s get more detailed by working with the data on your worksheets. This module introduces you to the tools you need to insert, format, summarize and organize your data.


Insert Data in Cells and Ranges Format Cells and Ranges Summarize and Organize Data

Create Tables

Tables help you sort, filter, and summarize data. Tables data is managed independently from data in the other rows and columns on the worksheet. In this module, you’ll learn to create and manage tables, apply styles and configure table style options, and work with filtering and sorting strategies.


Create and Manage Tables Manage Table Styles and Options Filter and Sort a Table

Perform Operations with Formulas and Functions

Excel’s power lies in its ability to make calculations that help you analyze data. This module explains how to build the formulas and use the functions that can help you make your calculations. You’ll learn about formulas, basic functions, conditional functions and using functions to format and modify text.


Building Formulas Perform Basic Functions Perform Conditional Functions Format and Modify Text Using Functions

Use Quick Analysis, Charts and Objects

Quick Analysis includes a number of formatting, charts, and totals shortcuts to help you visualize your data. Recommended Charts are another way of quickly visualizing your information. This module looks at these shortcuts, as well as creating and formatting your own charts and using and formatting other types of objects.


Analyze Data with Quick Analysis Create Charts Format Charts and Objects